Greeting the morning sun

The term that is used on Vine to describe one play of a video is a ‘loop’. As Vine videos immediately replay themselves when you get to the end of the 6-second clip, a measure of a Viner’s success is in the number of loops they amass. And thus, it becomes a thing to produce videos that will almost demand a second, third, even fourth, viewing. A Vine video may be tagged #infinityloop when the Viner who made a video thinks that they will get you watching it again and again, and the continuity of the video is not compromised (i.e. the lighting, set, props, etc. don’t change). These are fun and we can use them to provide an opportunity to repeat input for our students with the aim that they produce more language.

Greeting the morning sun in Paris

Level Pre-intermediate +
Type of student Teenagers, Young adults, Adults
Language Adjectives, Present continuous
Skills Speaking, Writing



  • Ask your students to think of the best weekend they have ever had. This might have been because it was action-packed and energetic or restful and relaxed.
  • Ask them to write down what they remember or want to say about this weekend for 3 minutes without stopping.
  • Then get them to share this in pairs (Note – they shouldn’t just read out what they have written, but they can use it as a prompt).
  • Write on the board all the adjectives you hear your students using (or that it sounds like they want to use). You will come back to this later.

Main stage

  • Ask your students if they have ever been to Paris. If they have, get them to share their impressions of the place. If not, ask them to imagine what they think it is like.
  • Direct your students’ attention to the list of adjectives on the board that you wrote earlier. Do they think any of these would be appropriate for describing a morning in Paris?

Video stage

  • Get your students to watch this stop motion Vine video, which is captioned ‘Greeting the morning sun in Paris’.
  • Ask them to write down any words and phrases they can to describe what they can see and how it would make them feel to be in the position of the little wooden model.

Post video stage

  • Tell the students that they are the little wooden model and they have just enjoyed a restful and relaxing morning in Paris.
  • Ask them to write a postcard talking about what they have done and what they are going to do. This should include phrases or sentences using the present continuous.

Follow up

  •  If your students have smartphones of their own, challenge them to make their own ‘Greeting the morning sun in…’ videos.



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